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Roll Salmon, Roll Philadelphia Classic, Roll Salmon and Cheese. 550 gr.
 Roll Philadelphia light, Roll Dragon, Roll California, Roll Salmon, Roll Tuna. 900g
Roll Cucumber, Roll Philadelphia Light, Roll Bonito, Roll California Tuna. 800 gr.
Roll Salmon, Roll Tuna, Roll Shrimp, Roll Cucumber, Roll Avocado, Roll Chuka, Roll Eel Unagi, Roll Bell Pepper . 1300 gr.
Ingredients: Roll Philadelphia grill Spicey, Roll Philadelphia with Avocado, California with Tuna, Hot roll Snow Crab, Hot roll with Chicken, Sushi with Salmon 4 PCs. 1300 gr.
Philadelphia with Mango, Philadelphia Fitness, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia with Cucumber, Philadelphia with Avocado. 1300 gr.
Roll Avocado, Roll Cucumber, Roll Bell Pepper, Roll Chuka, Roll Daikon, Roll Tomato. 650 gr.


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